Tsukusu Japanese Craft Gin

"Japanese Craft Gin Tsukusu" comes out of Nishi Shuzo, a well-known Shochu maker going back to 1845.  尽くす (“Tsukusu") is a Japanese verb that means "to devote" or "to exhaust," depending on the context. And exhaust they have, since this Japanese Craft Gin contains a whopping 24 different botanicals.

The gin goes through two distillations. The first is a run with low-alcohol Shochu based spirit and 13 botanicals, then a second run is done with high-alcohol Shochu spirit and an additional 11 botanicals.  Post distillation, the gin is matured for 30 days in a tank that features a layer of volcanic rock from Sakurajima on the bottom. Volcanic rock gives off far infrared radiation -- this is supposed to make the gin smoother and more round.


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