Absinthe Rhum Decollage (Wormwood infused)

The recipe for Absinthe Rhum Decollage was inspired by an academic study performed by Alice Peeters in 1976: “Le petit paysannat Martiniquais et son environnement végétal”, which described how farmers in Martinique used to soak various plants including grand wormwood in rum, rather like the tradition of 'Rhum Arrangé' in Guadeloupe, Reunion and Madagascar: rum infused with spices and fruit.

Wormwood-infused Rum is obtained through the maceration of grand wormwood and other plants in a high quality rum from Martinique, sugarcane amd wormwood distillates. The result is a slightly sweet rum with wonderful herbaceous notes. It is important to note that unlike absinthe, this rum does not contain anise. Additionally, the wormwood flavour is stronger than in traditional absinthe.

Made in France


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