Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin

To create our Barrel Aged Gin we first batch distill in our CARL stills using the same botanicals as our Rare Dry Gin. Then we transfer the gin into a solera of nine French oak chardonnay barrels, each with a subtly different character. Every six months, Cameron tastes the barrels and then blends a portion of each to create this complex, nuanced and entirely too sippable gin.

For our sixth solera release we gave the barrels a little bit longer to mature than usual, about nine months this time. And the development of the barrels continues to amaze, with each barrel showing significant differences. Some have developed an intense preserved ginger character with pale straw colour, others are spicy and rich with much bigger oak and colour.  

We still want to taste the gin though. Solera No_6 has obvious developed juniper characters before the subtleties unravel into ginger, crushed coriander, citrus oil, with light vanillin and cinnamon from the French oak. On the palate there is a ‘line of spice’ with big cassia, chewy anise and luscious juniper. The colour is a bright mid-gold. Best sipped neat, over ice, or in a classic Old Fashioned.


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