Pierre Ferrand Renegade Barrel

The "Renegade" of Cognac is free to push the boundaries of what defines one of the world's most heavily regulated spirits. After discovering pre-World-War II receipts from Cognac makers for Chestnut barrels, he decided it was time to product a spirit that harkened back to Cognac's past. Partially aged in traditional French Oak and partially aged in Chestnut barrels, this spirit doesn't meet the letter of the law for modern Cognac and is therefore classified as Eau De Vie De Vin. It does however, taste incredible. The Chestnut imparts a light, yet rich and firm, tannic structure that simply isn't available from French Oak. It's floral and delicate and offers a spice profile unseen before. Bottled at 47.1% ABV, it also has a punchiness not typically associated with Cognac. 


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